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Direct Mortgage Capital overview

DMC is a Latvian financial services company that was founded in 2016.

We aim to make housing loans more accessible to the public and become the most trusted mortgage lender in the region.

DMC attracts international capital, applies the best US and European mortgage practices and uses innovative financial technologies to bring change to the traditional mortgage market.

We follow our core values in each step we make:

  • Our knowledge in mortgage lending us unparalleled
    Exceptional knowledge about mortgage lending and international capital markets – that’s what characterizes our team the best. We use our expertise to structure the best deals for our customers and design better products for the market. Besides, we firmly believe that knowledge multiplies when is shared with others.
  • We challenge traditional mortgage business practices
    Excessive paperwork and frustrations that has become marks of mortgage lending is in the past. DMC uses innovative financial technologies and Big Data to redesign the application process – less paperwork, faster response time, better decisions.
  • Our clients design their products themselves
    We know that obtaining a home is a very important decision – financially and emotionally. That is why we firmly believe that customers deserve a chance to design mortgages according to their financial needs.

Safety, trust and sustainability are essential to us. DMC operates under Latvian and EU legislation, complies to all consumer lending regulations and follows strict guidelines of international credit rating agencies.

Our clients interested in

Mortgage 90
Loan 95
Refinance 85
Buy-up/Buy-down 75