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Mortgage Loan Application – find out if you qualify for a loan


What is a loan application?

The DMC mortgage loan application provides a calculation on whether the client qualifies for a certain amount.

Unlike most of the mortgage loan calculators, our application relies on verified data – bank account statements, credit history, tax reports. Therefore, our calculation is accurate, like it was prepared by a loan officer.

Filling out the application will provide you an answer if you qualify for a loan. Sign the DMC Broker Service Agreement and get real loan offers.

With the help of this technology customers need only one stop – the DMC lending platform – to finance their home.

Benefits of the loan brokerage services:

  • Save time – we will collect the loan offers and you will not waste your time going from one bank to another;
  • More offers – choose the one you like the best and sign the loan agreement;
  • Expert advice – experienced loan officers will answer all your questions throughout the process as well as after the loan closing.
  • Pay for the result. You will pay our commission fee only if you choose one of the lenders and sign the loan agreement

How does it work?

By submitting the loan application, you get the answer to the question “Do I qualify for a loan”. It is not a commitment yet to buy a specific property.

Before you receive the final approval, DMC will contact you to get additional information. We will also collect loan offers from other lenders so you can choose the one that fits you the best (read about the full application process here).