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DMC Real Estate Services

DMC will help you find and finance your new home. Our specialists will provide consultations and offer solutions, will source your credit history and check property registers, all in all – we can give you the necessary assurance that your real estate transaction proceeds in a most efficient and favorable way.

However, for the most professional result we recommend using Real Estate Agent services. Please read this article to find out why work with an agent!

What we offer

DMC Real Estate Services


The DMC Realtor Network

Based on your wishes and needs, we will refer you a professional from one of these Real Estate Agencies

Aija Vitomska (Arc)

  • Mobile 28312171
  • E-mail aija.vitomska@arcoreal.lv

Jeļena Kordževa (EKO)

  • Mobile 29477710
  • E-mail jelena.kordzeva@ekocentrs.lv

Artis Kuprišs (IES)

  • Mobile 28757263
  • E-mail artis@ie.lv

Ieva Āboliņa (KIV)

  •  Mobile 29403236
  • E-mail ieva@kivi.lv

Elīna Dūce (LAT)

  • Mobile 29183783
  • E-mail elina.duce@latio.lv

Evita Dzenīte (LAT)

  • Mobile 29278593
  • E-mail evita.dzenite@latio.lv

Kristīne Dubane (OBR)

  • Mobile 28232007
  • E-mail kristine.dubane@ober-haus.lv

Diāna Leitāne (1 Partner)

  • Mobile 29646918
  • E-mail diana.leitane@1partner.lv

Sigita Rubina (1 Partner)

  • Mobile 29282832
  • E-mail sigita.rubina@1partner.lv