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Price list

Customer satisfaction is our priority, therefore you will pay only for the result, i.e. – if you choose one of the offers and sign a mortgage loan agreement. In the majority of cases this fee will replace the lender’s origination fee.

Popular choice

1. Fill out the online application

2. Agree to mortgage brokerage services

3. Learn if you qualify for a loan
Interest rate starting from 1.8%
Loan term up to 30 years
Access to the ALTUM state guarantee program
Currency: EUR
Min/Max loan size: EUR 15,000/EUR 500,000

4. Receive loan offers and choose the most favourable
DMC loan officers will assist you in the process and explain pros and cons of each offer.

5. Sign the loan agreement and become a homeowner

Benefits of the loan brokerage services

  1. Save time – we will collect the loan offers and you will not waste your time going from one bank to another;
  2. More offers – choose the one you like the best and sign the loan agreement;
  3. Expert advice – experienced loan officers will answer all your questions throughout the process as well as after the loan closing.
  4. Pay for the result. You will pay our commission fee only if you choose one of the lenders and sign the loan agreement.

Fee for loan brokerage services – 2% of the loan amount.

*Fee for loan brokerage services is the only payment to DMC. However, you should be ready to cover other expenses associated with a mortgage loan. Those include property appraisal, state fees and similar. Read more about them here.


Other services if you chose DMC as your mortgage lender

Other Adjustments in the Loan Agreement EUR 100 per adjustment
Document Processing Fee for Refinancing the Loan to Other Bank or non-Bank EUR 1,000
Consent to Operations with the Pledged Property EUR 30