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DMC Housing Loans

Meeting your financing needs!

If you are in the market for a home, wish to refinance your present home or are interested in repairing your dwelling, consider applying for a mortgage loan with DMC. DMC offers customized housing loans for a wide variety of customer needs and circumstances. We realize that buying a home is one of the most important investments you can make. Therefore, we will be happy to find the competitive rates and terms that meet your requirements.

Major advantages of DMC’s housing loan

  • Low monthly payments
  • Low down payment
  • Variable interest rate loans in euros
  • We pay attention to all customers equally; each customer gets his or her personal customer manager
  • Proficiency in the field in question – we are fully specialized in the provisions of housing loans

Customized housing loans

You are probably familiar with traditional mortgage approach where borrower has little influence on loan terms. DMC exclusive Buy Up and Buy Down approach is different placing you in charge of your own loan. Buy adjusting interest rate, our clients are free set amount of down payment, choose monthly payment and decide on mortgage period. This approach allows to create truly customized, affordable and accessible housing loans for everyone.

Applying for a loan from DMC is easy and expeditious for everyone. Trust our experts and make the right choice for years!

Loan application process

The knowledge that you have chosen the most appropriate housing loan from among those offered on the market is as important as finding a suitable home for your family. When deciding upon a housing loan, a mere comparison of interest rates is not enough – the housing loan that takes into account your family’s needs and future plans ensures long-term satisfaction.

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the loan origination process.

Loan description

Currency: EUR
Intended purpose: purchase, building, repairs or refinancing of housing
Maximum Loan to Value: up to 90% of value for simple purchase of newly built property
Down Payment: the applicant must contribute at least 10% of purchase price or appraised value for the simple purchase of a residential property
Maturity: up to 30 years
Eligible properties: Primary residence or second home/vacation home or investment property
Maximum loan burden/Debt to income ratio (DIR): ~40%+ of the monthly net income of the family (in compliance with the legal requirements)
Interest rate: Variable 6 and 12 month adjustable with certain initial fixed terms (up to 5 years) annuity or calculated on a daily simple interest basis with a five day grace period.
Employment: employed and self-employed
Minimum/maximums loan amount: EUR 20,000/EUR 500,000