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Changes in DMC Privacy Policy

DMC is planning to broaden its activity and provide its clients with more accessible housing loans (also, the possibility to use the State support program ALTUM). The new initiatives will affect the purposes of existing data processing, as well as will broaden the amount of partners we have. This is why we are adjusting our Privacy Policy by adding the following:

1. Changes in the Privacy Policy’s 4th clause “Purposes and basis of processing personal data”

We added clause 4.10 to this section, which is:

DMC processes Personal data primarily to:

4.10. Providing and offering to the Customer an opportunity to attract financing from other finance institutions.

To find and offer opportunities suitable for the Customer to attract financing from other finance institutions. The basis of processing: 1) execution and performance of an agreement with the Customer; 2) in order to take steps at the request of the Customer prior to entering into an agreement; 3) DMC’s legitimate interest to carry out business activities and perform contractual obligations.

2. Changes in Privacy Policy’s 6th clause “Recipients of Personal Data”

We added clause 6.11 to this section, which is:

Personal data is shared with other recipients, such as:

6.11. Third parties with whom DMC has a cooperation agreement on providing mortgage broker services.

The changes in Privacy Policy will take effect on 27.09.2018.

You can see the full DMC Privacy Policy text here.