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Planning for your move

The day you have been waiting for so long is finally here –  you can move in your new apartment or house. Here are few suggestion that will make the whole process less messy, less stressful and faster to deal with.

  • Hire Help. Inquire friends and family if they can help you with moving out. If not, hire moving company a few weeks before.
  • Make a register. List the good that will go with you.
  • Get insured. If you have valuable items that can be lost or damaged, insuring them isn’t a bad idea.
  • Cut back. Take your moving as a cleaning chance! Everything that you do not need distribute as donation, give away to your friends, sell it online or just throw it out. At any rate – it will reduce your moving costs.
  • Get supplies. Best way to move your items is to put them in boxes so they reach the aim safely and undamaged no mater what weather or other conditions. Provide yourself with packing tape and  markers.
  • Stay organized. Think of your new home and sort goods by rooms, mark them so you can easily distinguish which thing goes where. If you want, make sketches to ease moving and make you feel like home sooner. Carefully pack fragile breakables.
  • Keep it close. Make sure valuables and important documents are within stone’s throw.
  • Take care. Don’t use any special cleaning/ care products, for instance, oils or wax on antique furniture few weeks before moving. That can make wood soft and and it can be damaged easily.
  • Share you address. Notify people of your share of address. Share it with friends, family, school, your employer and landlord, if necessary.
  • Be relaxed. Pack your stuff in due time so you can relax and take a good sleep before moving. Arrangements made at the last minute in a hurry  will definitely not help you to move in on the next day.
  • Be kind. Make sure your former home new dwellers know about alarm, and its code, tell them about entrance chips if any and other information about devices or systems they may encounter with.
  • De-clutch gadgets. Disconnect devices that release warm the day before you move. Otherwise internally damage can be caused by transporting them while warm.
  • Stop and start services.  Contact providers and set dates to stop utilities/ services at your old place and start them in your new one:
    • Water
    • Electricity
    • Garbage disposal
    • Gas
    • Heating services
    • Internet, telephone, TV cable
    • Telephone (home and wireless)
    • Magazines, newspapers and other subscriptions